Membership to the 2021 Golden Sax Club is sold out and no additional enrollments will be offered until 2022. 


Returning Paid Members


If you were a ‘paid-in-full’ member for the 2020 festival, and had not received a refund last year during the start of the pandemic, you are still considered a member in good standing and will be receiving your usual Membership Packet by July 15, 2021. 


In the Membership Packet you will be offered the option of either using your 2020 membership for the 2021 festival, exchanging it for admittance to the 2022 festival, or returning it for a full refund. More information will be included in the packet.


Social distancing in the club this year should not be an issue.
By all estimates we believe that the number of people in the VIP area at any given time will be far less than 100 people as all bands will be offered meal service delivery to their dressing room trailers, staff will be allowed to use the area only during meal breaks, and access to the VIP restrooms will be strictly limited. 


Thank you everyone for your patience as we welcome back the BLUES.